paroli response to fso crash

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Mon Feb 9 09:56:24 CET 2009


we have a bit of a discussion on how to handle an fso crash while paroli 
  is running and wanted to put it out there to get your input and ideas.


 > ticket 13 needs testing (what happens if framework crashes during 
paroli use, how can we show it to the user? )
As I wrote in the ticket comments, I think that it is not that easy to
recover from a unexpected crash from the framework. I though it would
only be a matter of restarting the framework, but it seems that all the
DBus connections have to be reopened as well. I am going to see if that
is really the case.

Anyway, I suggest you split the ticket into two tickets, one for the
recovering of a frameworkd crash, and one for the other problem covered
in the ticket (that we need to wait for the framework to be totally
initialized before starting using it). I suspect the second problem is
much easier to solve (in fact it seems to work now on my neo.)

end of quote

The ticket we are referring to you can find at:



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