[FSO M5] Paroli-Apps crash with 'Screen' object has no attribute 'etk_obj

Guillaume Chereau charlie at openmoko.org
Tue Feb 10 09:37:20 CET 2009

On Tue, 2009-02-10 at 08:08 +0000, Arigead wrote:
> As for Tele it does no start up the GSM modem at all, and register to
> the network, so I can't make a call with it. Is this a know issue? I'd
> like to help out by doing a bit of testing and giving some feedback.
> I've probably a lot of opinion but for a start I'd like to be able to
> make a phone call if I can't do that I'll have to reinstall zhone, but
> I
> was hoping to move on from that app.

Hi John,

They are two things you could look for :

First, if you start paroli directy from its source directory, and you
don't have it installed, it will read the local config file
./paroli.cfg, wich set GSM service to TEST, so that you will never get
connected to the network. If you see this line the log :

 INFO     set service GSM to Test

Then it means you have to comment the line

 defaults = GSM:Test, SIM:Test, Audio:Test,

in paroli.cfg

Second thing is that even when you run paroli using the correct GSM
service, you get no visual indication of the connection status. And it
can be quite long before you get a network connection.

Could you please repeat the operation and send the log (/tmp/paroli.log)
to the mailing list ?


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