Openmoko Autobuilder

Angus Ainslie nytowl at
Tue Feb 10 19:18:24 CET 2009

The Openmoko autobuilder is back online. It is generating 
images for gta01 and gta02 devices. 

brave and test these please post your results.

The build stats can be followed here

It is currently generating 2 sets of images and feeds.

=> unstable
	This is based on the FSO milestone 5 branch at
	This should be identical to FSO milestone 5 so if 
	you've tried that there is nothing new here.
	Any critical bug fixes checked into FSO milestone
	5 will show up in these images and feeds.

=> experimental
	These images and feeds are primarily for FSO, paroli and 
	Openmoko developers. The images will not build sometimes.
	Even if they do build they won't work as you expect them 
	to. DON'T use experimental if you expect to use your
	Openmoko device as a daily phone, gps or whatever.
	This is based on the FSO milestone 5 branch at
	Autorev is turned on for these images so any updates to 
	the FSO milestone 5 branch will get generated.
There are some packages that are failing consistently. I'm going 
to try and debug these and send some fixes upstream.

There are some legacy "testing" directories that contain Om2008.x 
images and feeds. These will be moved or removed soon.

For those interested in improving or commenting on the build
scripts used to generate the unstable and experimental images
they can be found here:

Angus Ainslie
Openmoko Distribution Maintainer

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