WLAN: known issues and how to help - uptime test - new record!

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 11 11:56:23 CET 2009

Philip Rhoades wrote:
> I then setup wireless networking and run my script for testing LAN  
> connection - it has now been running for nearly 26 hours! (and is still  
> going) - about 10 hours longer than the previous record!

Cool !

> The question is was this just a lucky test

I'd say, once we see a 10x difference to your average update (that
would be something like 10 hours ?), then I'll slowly start to
believe it's not just Murphy being busy to bring mischief to
someone else ;-)

Is the rest of the system behaving normally ?

> that is allowing the much improved uptime?

Hmm, there are three charger changes to WLAN:

- SIOCGIWSCAN no longer returns an error if it doesn't find an AP.
  That may keep user space from unnecessarily entering panic mode.

- the addition of rfkill. Don't see how this one could affect it,

- the "shot in the dark" for SDIO communication. If this does
  anything, the kernel prints either


  Do you see any of these in dmesg ?

- Werner

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