[FSO] "WSOD" fixed - automatic script execution on resume?

John Sullivan john at wjsullivan.net
Sun Feb 15 19:59:08 CET 2009

Stefan Fröbe <frobiac at googlemail.com> writes:

> The last comment on
> https://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/2162#comment:6help me fix all
> issues I had when resuming:
> Using recent kernels from andy-tracking I got what looked like a WSOD (ok,
> sometimes with colored stripes ;-) ) most of the time after resuming. This
> is now in fact reliably fixed by calling "xrandr -s 480x640" after toggling
> between  qvga-normal & normal in "/sys/bus/spi/devices/spi2.0/state" .
> Using FSO-ms5, I bound the execution of the little script to the AUX key for
> now with the help of "enlightenment_remote -binding-key-add" - can anybody
> tell me how to execute it automatically on every resume? That would leave
> the button for locking the screen again ... I already tried to figure out
> how to attach a listener to frameworkd signals in oevents/rules.yaml, but
> haven't suceeded yet - any ideas?

Awesome, thanks for the tip. I linked this script to
/etc/apm/resume.d/01display, and my screen is now coming back after
resume :).


# Temporary fix to bring the display back after resume

echo "qvga-normal" > /sys/bus/spi/devices/spi2.0/state
echo "normal" > /sys/bus/spi/devices/spi2.0/state
xrandr -s 480x640

-John Sullivan
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