Annuncing yet another new Project - Sync with Evolution / notifier

c_c cchandel at
Fri Feb 20 08:06:13 CET 2009

  Well, as is commonly said about the Neo - It's not really a phone, but a
portable computer with a GSM modem. Taking the thought further, I would want
a set of programs running on my (office ;-) PC and the freerunner such that
 1. The freerunner stays in silent mode
 2. Freerunner is connected to my PC over the normal USB / WiFi (router)
 3. Notifications for SMS and calls are shown on my desktop (linux)
 4. I should be able to answer my sms's from the notification itself
 5. Sync contacts from the freerunner with evolution
 6. once opimd is up - sync tasks/events/alarms also
 7. Sync mail with evolution

  So, I'm starting work on such a project. But before I do so, I thought
that the community could provide me with a heads up on the potential
pitfalls / solutions (even if in part).
  I intend making the program in c (anjuta/libglade) as of now, and start
with the call/sms notifications and contact sync. Will add more features
  Any further idea's/thought's? 

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