Microcontroller via USB

Sven Klomp sven at klomp.de
Fri Feb 20 13:39:13 CET 2009


I want to connect my Atmel microcontroller (ATmega32) to the Freerunner. The 
ATmega uses a USBN9604 chip as USB interface. What would be the easiest way to 
let the Freerunner communicate with the microcontroller?
I could simulate a USB-RS232 converter on the ATmega. In this case, I could 
use the usb-serial module of the kernel. Do the actual Openmoko kernels ship 
with it?
However, I only want to send few control bits. Are there some easier methods? 
Libusb has a nice and easy API, but I shrink from compiling it for the 
Is it possible to control USB from Python without any additional libraries or 
kernel modules?


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