WLAN: current status and new bits of weirdness - more info

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Feb 23 05:46:27 CET 2009

Philip Rhoades wrote:
> So I eventually went through the fixing u-boot partition exercise
> (using dfu-util) to start from scratch which finally cleaned it up.

Congratulations ! Pheew, that was a hard one.

> Since that worked, I re-installed your test 
> kernel, u-booted with your test lines OK and waited for the WLAN to fail 
> and then was finally able to run "dmesg -s 2000000"! - see attached file.

Thanks a lot ! It's indeed something new. It's not even an assertion
but some other kind of trap. I've reported it to Atheros.

Thanks for your perseverance !

- Werner

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