GSM moko11-beta firmware: show of hands

Klaus Kurzmann mok at
Tue Feb 24 08:41:31 CET 2009

* Werner Almesberger <werner at> [090224 08:18]:
> Hi all,

> we're considering to make moko11 "official" and we'd like to know
> how our beta-test has gone so far.

> So far, we've received a number of reports indicating that moko11
> did indeed solve the problems it's supposed to address (i.e., lost
> wakeups and flow control.)

> We'd now also like to know if anything has gone wrong after
> installing moko11, e.g., if the changes in IO1 handling have
> introduced new wakeup problems.

> I'd like to ask everyone who's tried moko11-beta to please reply,
> either to the list or to me in private, whether they observed any
> issues.
so for far moko11 is working great. No problems with it. In the
beginning it even made some bug in SHR show up (which is fixed now)

So... from me +1 to make it official.

> Thanks,
> - Werner


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