GSM moko11-beta firmware: show of hands

Klaus Kurzmann mok at
Tue Feb 24 09:34:44 CET 2009

* Werner Almesberger <werner at> [090224 09:10]:
> Klaus Kurzmann wrote:
> > so for far moko11 is working great. No problems with it. In the
> > beginning it even made some bug in SHR show up (which is fixed now)

> Ah, this is interesting. So when people who are running and old
> version of SHR upgrade to moko11, what problem will they have
> to expect ?
no phone :-) GSM won't start up correctly. This was a problem in
ophonekitd (the part of SHR requesting the GSM resource from frameworkd)
not communicating correctly with frameworkd. 

> And what is the oldest version of SHR that does not have this
> bug ?
The error was fixed on 15.02... so any image after that date should

> Thanks,
> - Werner


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