Annuncing new Project - Intone mplayer frontend

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Tue Feb 24 17:43:33 CET 2009


  Well, It seems like I'm having a conversation with myself. Anyhow, to
report progress - I finally managed to get tremor working - and it uses
about 19% to decode and play the same file (as in my mail above) compared to
mplayer. So, evidently mplayer does not use tremor.
  I had to spend a lot of time figuring out why tremor was giving me broken
audio - till I accidently stumbled onto the fact that ***surprisingly***
tremor needs a smaller buffer ~256 bytes compared to the standard 4096 for
vorbisfile. And, I'm not using the low mem branch or LOW_ACCURACY flag.
  There exists another decoder called tremolo which is a hand tuned version
of tremor. It claims around 15-20% better speeds. But - I have not been able
to compile it till now.
  So, for now, I'm going ahead with mpg123 for mp3 and tremor for ogg. Still
looking for an AAC codec.

comparison with mplayer (sadly - only in cpu usage)

ogg 44100 2 channel enc208
    mplayer                   tremor          tremolo (projected)
47.6% - 52.7%         18.5% - 20%        15% - 17%

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