Angus Ainslie nytowl at openmoko.org
Thu Feb 26 14:55:58 CET 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 17:58 +0800, sushama wrote:
> Hi Angus,
> I have some questions about the images in Unstable>Neofreerunner
> 1) I see 3 different kernels in the Unstable>neofreerunner-Andy 
> tracking,OE,Stable.Which is the one we need to use for testing

The current kernel for the images is 


I will add that to the readme in that directory. Within the next week I
hope to change that to the stable kernel in that directory.

> 2) Can we have just 1 kernel in that list with the same name always,like the 
> fso-paroli-image-gta02.(Instead of having the version no ,just a common name 
> always)

I'll add a link image-kernel in the directory that will be the correct
kernel for the current images.

> 3) I see that the images take a long time to build.Some days its only by 
> Taipei time 4-5PM that the images in unstable branch are updated to date.Is 
> there a way we can have the image ready by at least 11 AM Taipei time so that 
> we can start testing with everyday image .

The images are currently built on CET time so I'll try and rearrange
them to build for Taipei.

> 4) If we do not have any changes in the Kernel since last day ,do we still 
> build the kernel again without any changes?Because at this moment I see that 
> the unstable>neofreerunner is updated with fso-paroli-image-om-gta02.jffs2       
> and it has today's date(26-Feb)but the kernel still shows 25-Feb. Should we 
> expect the kernel to show today's date or is it just because there are no 
> changes since yesterday.

The kernels used to get rebuilt from scratch everyday but it was taking
too long. So now they only get rebuilt when there are changes. The
images still get a complete rebuild. So it could be that the date on the
kernel will be older than the image date.

> Regards,
> Sushama 


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