OpenWrt on your Neo - some updates...

Mirko Vogt lists at
Tue Jul 7 00:47:54 CEST 2009


long time no news regarding OpenWrt <-> the Openmoko Neo devices; but it
happened much!
We think we now reached a state which justifies providing
 - an update what's up 
 - an image and environment to play around with

== So, what happened last 6 months?

- kernel is running 
we extracted all neo-specific patches from the OM-kernel-tree and
created an atomic and maintainable patchset for the Neo (Lars did great
work here)

- clean, stable and accelerated graphics system
thanks to the gorgeous work of the xf86-video-glamo developers, finally
there's no need for <Xglamo> anymore - acceleration is done from within
an usual <Xorg> with the glamo-driver used. The infamous WSOD should be
ultimately purged out.

- GPS works
the amazing application <tangoGPS> is also available as an
OpenWrt-package now

- performance tuned
due to it's architecture itself, fixed bugs and found ways for
optimizations through all layers, OpenWrt now boots in less than 1
minute into illume (very first boot excluded)

- software added/upgraded
besides lot's of just OpenWrt-related improvements, also typical
OM-community-used packages were added and upgraded to recent versions
(e.g. tangogps, enlightenment/the whole efl-suite, paroli, fso, connman,

- a beautiful bootsplash
real beauty can't be described by words

- phone calls are still possible
thanks to paroli, the basic phone stuff is (still) working (phone calls,
messages, contacts, etc.)

== Images / environment

Images can be found here:
Mind - that, as usual for OpenWrt - the default IP of your device will
be "" and the only running service will be <telnet> on port
After logging in and setting a password, <telnetd> is getting replaced
through <sshd> (port 22).
The mentioned files/images have the prefix "20090706_r16709_1", based on
svn-revision 16709.

It seems there are some problems with "Qi" at the moment; in case you're
using Qi please try using u-boot from NOR-flash until this issue is

== In case of errors/failures and resulting aggressions, ultimate
happiness or just questions and criticism...

...please do not hesitate to tell us your thoughts and feelings.
There's also a wiki-page about OpenWrt on the Neo: (thanks to Romuald "neomilium"
Conty at this point, for his great work of co-maintaining the wiki-page,
testing and making lot's of great suggestions what could be done

Try it out :)


mirko (the other one)

On Fri, 2009-01-30 at 19:58 +0100, Mirko Vogt wrote: 
> Hey folks,
> I'm glad to announce that OpenWrt now has basic support for the
Openmoko GTA02 "Freerunner"!
> There's still lot's of work to do but let's see what's already working
for now:
>  - kernel (2.6.28) is building and booting (merging the Openmoko and
OpenWrt patchsets, whereof one (and that's not ours ;)) consists of
either over 620 little non-atomic patches or one 10MB patchblob [kudos
to git!], is no picnic (thanks to the work of Michael "mb" Buesch at
this point!)
>  - D-Bus and the reference implementation (they
import the via ctypes - I was really puzzled when python told
me it can't find my libc, because I was using the uclibc)
>  - Xglamo with acceleration (in the beginning Xglamo just crashed,
even JTAG wasn't available anymore; it took us weeks to figure out that
a compiler bug was the cause (thanks to Felix Fietkau, Holger Freyther
and Lars Clausen) - Lars btw. is currently making good progress to get
glamo acceleration working within Xorg)
>  - the EFL (enlightenment foundation libraries) and enlightenment
including illume (needs some more love to make it really fit into the
OpenWrt-environment - currently <edje_cc> and <eet> are required as
pre-installed host tools)
>  - paroli phone application suite (in case it's working ;))
> A few days ago we established the first OpenWrt<->OpenWrt phone call
which worked out of the box after flashing our devices - so we thought
that might be a good occasion for an announcement :)
> We're pleased for all of your feedback and any kind of help is highly
> Thanks a lot!
> mirko (the other one)

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