Upstream kernel submission was: OpenWrt on your Neo - some updates...

Marc Andre Tanner openmoko at
Tue Jul 7 09:45:09 CEST 2009


Mirko Vogt wrote:
> Hey,
> long time no news regarding OpenWrt <-> the Openmoko Neo devices; but it
> happened much!
> We think we now reached a state which justifies providing
>  - an update what's up 
>  - an image and environment to play around with
> == So, what happened last 6 months?
> - kernel is running 
> we extracted all neo-specific patches from the OM-kernel-tree and
> created an atomic and maintainable patchset for the Neo (Lars did great
> work here)

This sounds great! Is there any coordination done regarding the ongoing
upstream kernel inclusion?

Were there a lot of changes necessary for 2.6.30? A link to the
patchset would also be nice. Do you plan to submit the changes back
to the openmoko kernel list or do you even strive for direct upstream

As for the "official" kernel from the openmoko git, is there a plan to
rebase it to 2.6.30?

Thanks for your work.


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