OpenWrt on your Neo - some updates...

Sten Kvamme sten at
Fri Jul 10 09:58:37 CEST 2009

tor 2009-07-09 klockan 23:16 +0200 skrev Sten Kvamme:
> Great work!
> Made my own custom image on Ubunty Interpeid. Worked like a charm. Had
> to install 3-4 packages for the make script to be happy.
> Have a few comments:
> In /etc/hosts
> localhost. should probably be localhost (without a dot).
> How can I connect to the X11 server via unixport or port 6000? are there
> any config file to change to open up external X11 connections?
> Thanks!  

The Erlang graphics now works on TCP port 6000. Graphics performance is
great. Still haven't got unixport X11 connection to work. Will give me
another 10% increase in graphics speed compared to using TCP port 6000.

Added section about OpenWrt to

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