[OpenWrt] soundplayer problems

Sten Kvamme sten at kvamme.se
Mon Jul 13 13:09:49 CEST 2009

mån 2009-07-13 klockan 12:04 +0200 skrev Mirko Vogt:
> All OpenWrt-targets with ARM-architectures are using the "new" EABI by
> default.
> OABI is deprecated and not supported anymore.
> When using aplay you should also increase the buffer size; a multiple of
> the period size should be fine.
> You may want to combine madplay and aplay - aplay can read wave data
> from stdin (e.g. from madplay).
> On Sun, 2009-07-12 at 23:40 +0200, Sten Kvamme wrote:
> > Due to slow floating point performance on OABI I can not play sound
> > files correctly on aplay.
> > Has someone managed to compile some
> > soundplayer that works? Madplay doesn't work, needs /dev/dsp.
I have experimented with make menuconfig and if I select  "Advanced
configuration options (for developers)" there's a "Toolchain options"
where I can select "Enable EABI support". If I do that, boot time - from
cold start to Erlang VM running is increased from 30 sec to well over a

aplay gets underrun errors on a simple mono au file so maybe it's
something else than slow FP that is the cause then.
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