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> > actually i am new to openmok SDK, so need initial minimum guidemce of
> > installing the sdk...i do work with Ubuntu...will that work?
> Ubuntu is sufficient.
> > does openmoko compiles on windows?
> It certain does with cygwin.
> > please send me the initial guideline.
> > I have been copiling linux kernels and have hands on linux drivers and
> > adding them as a module to kernel etc.
> Theres no guidline when you port something.
> Try and error.
> I suggest you to buy such a htc-dream (development version) in order to be
> able to reproduce errors/bugs.

Htc-dream is Android based and
I do work with Maemo SDK, S60 SDK, Pre-Palm SDK, Android SDK...almost
everything has emulator to test it.

i am more curious about Openmoko??
share your development in detail, if you need help? and provide the initial
guide line to make initial setup for openmoko, as you are already wotking

> > Regards
> Regards
>         David
> PS:
> Lets take the discussion onto the mailinglist.
> Perhaps other people are also interested into reading it. =)

Thanks and Kind Regards,
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