ANN: MS 5.5

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Sun Jul 19 19:49:11 CEST 2009

The team is proud to release milestone 5.5 codenamed
'In Transit...'.

At first, we apologize for having passed the deadline for some months, but as 
you might now there have been some substantial changes in our work situation 
which took some time adjusting to. We're back on track now -- expect an 
important announcement soon.

For this milestone, there have been improvements all over the place and we've 
tied up some loose ends. It should provide a stable base for the changes 
coming in milestone 6:
 - switch some subsystems to the FSO 2.0 implementation in Vala,
 - support for more devices,
 - new mux daemon (fso-abyss),
 - network management.

This will be the last release of FSO specific images. In the future we
will focus on the framework itself and cooperate with SHR for the
distribution and images. Note that expect the celldb interface, Zhone did not 
receive any updates, so milestone 5.5 will look almost the same as milestone 
5.1 did.

If you like to read about the details, you can find them here:

Thanks to everyone who has sent us bug reports or patches, this
helped a lot!

You can download images for GTA01 and GTA02 here:

NOTE that GTA01 is still on kernel 2.6.24, since 2.6.28 did not meet our 
quality checks.

Best regards,
The FSO Team: Mickey, Jan, Daniel, Stefan + lots of contributors!

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