Christian K. waffenklang at
Mon Jul 20 08:03:21 CEST 2009

> I noted some things:
> *) it does not support some window manager hints (trying to close,
> toggle fullscreen etc from an external application e.g wmctrl) does
> not work

As I remember this should not be implemented. It is a design part, one
window at one virt. desktop.

> *) " standard systray (I know this is a very hot and boring topic, and
> it will supported when and if the specification will be fixed)

Why do you need an extra systray on a small-screen-size mobile device which
is finger controlled? The sys-info-systray with the network infos works fine
as I remember.

> *) " docking windows, so any workaround for running trayers (or any
> other dock window) etc. is unuseful

see first.

> *) the config dialogs often does not fit well on the screen (or at
> least out of box)

then you can scroll it. but if not its a bug.

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