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Mon Jul 20 11:43:55 CEST 2009

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 8:03 AM, Christian K.<waffenklang at> wrote:
>> *) it does not support some window manager hints (trying to close,
>> toggle fullscreen etc from an external application e.g wmctrl) does
>> not work
> As I remember this should not be implemented. It is a design part, one
> window at one virt. desktop.

I'll try to elaborate, om2007/hackable neod shows a menu if you hold
aux/power button, with that you may toggle fullscreen status of the
current (and only) displayed window even if the application has no
button for that (and this is useful!). At the same time, always in
neod, if you press shortly the power button you close the window.
These two operations are done with wm hints protocol, that seems not
to be supported by Illume, and may be in e17, but were in e16.

>> *) " standard systray (I know this is a very hot and boring topic, and
>> it will supported when and if the specification will be fixed)
> Why do you need an extra systray on a small-screen-size mobile device which
> is finger controlled? The sys-info-systray with the network infos works fine
> as I remember.

I'm not saying a dock window should permanently waste the screen
display, I'm only saying that's not possible now. P.s. I'm in contact
with Roman, the author of stalonetray that asked on E list some
clarifications, and reported me good news: support for that will be
>> *) the config dialogs often does not fit well on the screen (or at
>> least out of box)
> then you can scroll it. but if not its a bug.

It's subjective, for a "stable" milestone release I mean all aspects
of the system is managed, look & feel too, and actually I feel not
comfortable if I have to change settings, at point that I preferred
get e from svn and compile it on my desktop to test them.

Answers for all that may be very simple:

*) we do not care of these issues for the first stable release
*) we care of them and we are sure that it will be fixed very soon by
e-guys or by us (and are sure our patches will be accepted)
*) we will fix and if the patchset will be not accepted we'll fork
*) we care of them so we will delay stable release until they will be fixed
*) we will never release a stable release and are focusing only on
bleeding edge stuff
*) we supposed to control in the past the illume roadmap as some guys
worked for OM, now it's different so effectively it's a problem

etc. etc.

Just need a bit of clarification, and repeat I love E* stuff!


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