SHR FSO OE Branches

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Wed Jul 22 15:57:43 CEST 2009

Hi folks,

as we have mentioned quite a number of times, FSO is trying to get out
of the distro business, instead we rather want to help projects such as
SHR that integrate the FSO components.

As such, now that we released milestone 5.5, the fso/milestone5.5 branch
is going to be deprecated by us (not sure about the OM2009/Paroli team).

I send this mail to kick off the discussion where we move from now. We
had some first agreements on the FSOSHRCON, which resulted in the
shr/import branch as well as the idea to

1.) merge as much as possible back into regularly.
2.) start a new common smartphones branch that tracks, but keeps
a diff that optimizes some packages in OE for the use of mobile devices
(only stuff that is unmergable)




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