ANN: MS 5.5

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at
Fri Jul 24 16:45:18 CEST 2009

In seing the amount of work you have been doing and the  
professionalism with which you have done it, I can only think of two  
Keep up the excellent work, you're basically implementing the open  
phone dream single-handedly.... That's the best fun anyone can have!! ;)
P.S. - you know what? I didn't get to go to Taipei and buy a round of  
beverages to the OM team as I promised, but I think I'll do that with  
you guys after MS6 - it certainly looks like you deserve the R&R. :D

Citando Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey at>:

> The team is proud to release milestone 5.5 codenamed
> 'In Transit...'.
> At first, we apologize for having passed the deadline for some months, but as
> you might now there have been some substantial changes in our work situation
> which took some time adjusting to. We're back on track now -- expect an
> important announcement soon.
> For this milestone, there have been improvements all over the place and we've
> tied up some loose ends. It should provide a stable base for the changes
> coming in milestone 6:
>  - switch some subsystems to the FSO 2.0 implementation in Vala,
>  - support for more devices,
>  - new mux daemon (fso-abyss),
>  - network management.
> This will be the last release of FSO specific images. In the future we
> will focus on the framework itself and cooperate with SHR for the
> distribution and images. Note that expect the celldb interface, Zhone did not
> receive any updates, so milestone 5.5 will look almost the same as milestone
> 5.1 did.
> If you like to read about the details, you can find them here:
> Thanks to everyone who has sent us bug reports or patches, this
> helped a lot!
> You can download images for GTA01 and GTA02 here:
> NOTE that GTA01 is still on kernel 2.6.24, since 2.6.28 did not meet our
> quality checks.
> Best regards,
> The FSO Team: Mickey, Jan, Daniel, Stefan + lots of contributors!
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