Touch based Dual Boot Menu

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sun Mar 1 03:08:06 CET 2009

>> More specifically, that you don't actually change the boot loader
>> but make a small Linux system that does nothing but bring up the
>> menu and then execute the respective choice with kexec.
>I wrote a little C programm for this for zaurus pda. It has no 
>touchscreen suppport, but you might find
>it useful:
>It works as follows:
>-read available filesystems from /proc/filesystems
>-read available partitions from /proc/partitions
>-try to mount each partition, search for zImage in /boot
>-present menu
>-kexec choice

Hi Thomas,

i have prepared a small rootfs (in fact initrd) image [1] with kernel,
Xfbdev and Xglamo xserver and mdev (all together 5653892 Bytes) (by
using Werner's scripts :). It takes about 12secs to boot from first pwr
press (with qi). I have kexecboot already built in but i couldn't get
it to detect the kernels on FR... any chance of altering kexecboot
to work also on openmoko?


(this image has no kexecboot, usb shell access enabled)

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