Touch based Dual Boot Menu

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| This size is still a bit on the large side, tough. Andy and I have
| been discussing this thing last week and we think that one could

In fact I brought it up with several people including Werner.

| bring the size down considerably by using SDL instead of X. The
| tricky bit is to reduce the number of dependencies on other
| libraries. I think Guillaume may have started to work on this
| already.

My idea was to try to provide more pieces of the puzzle for people that
are interested to work on this.

I asked Charlie to make a mini SDL static library build, which he has
done; the stock one wants a lot of shared libs.  He also made a demo
applet that displays tux via SDL when it runs.

We need a boot menu to do much better than 12s.  Charlie's test rootfs
used a normal kernel IIRC and he was using U-Boot, so it lost a lot of
time getting started.  But it seemed it would be faster than 12s coming up.

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