GTA03 = has FPU?

Anton Persson don.juanton at
Sun Mar 1 21:50:02 CET 2009


will the GTA03 have a FPU?

The reason I'm wondering is because of, well, it sucks if it doesn't.. We
want to run all available standard Linux apps on this thing, but many
_require_ floating point math, especially for graphics! I've been working
a lot (a lot meaning, whenever I don't have to take care of my "real" job,
my family.. :-P) on my program "SATAN" and I got pretty good performance
out of it now.. The problem though is that it is GTK- and Cairo-based and
these libraries use floats quite extensively.. This really hurts performance
on the OpenMoko and makes the application feel really sluggish when you
want to interact with the GUI. I haven't done any real benchmarks, but I do
know that the floating point version of SATAN is totally UNUSABLE on the
OpenMoko, but the fixed-point math version works "OK" (except the GUI

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