Touch based Dual Boot Menu

Thomas Kunze thommycheck at
Mon Mar 2 02:32:00 CET 2009

Petr Vanek schrieb:
> Hi Thomas,
> i have prepared a small rootfs (in fact initrd) image [1] with kernel,
> Xfbdev and Xglamo xserver and mdev (all together 5653892 Bytes) (by
> using Werner's scripts :). It takes about 12secs to boot from first pwr
> press (with qi). I have kexecboot already built in but i couldn't get
> it to detect the kernels on FR... any chance of altering kexecboot
> to work also on openmoko?
It should be pretty easy. You only need to add patches to the 
linux-kexecboot recipe. It may be
 a problem that the phones only have two buttons, but that could be 
solved. The size of kernel + rootfs
for collie is ca. 800KB and it takes only a few seconds to get to the 
bootmenu. There is no touchscreen
support yet, but we accept patches ;)

It looks for  kernels in /boot of all block devices that the kernel is 
able to mount. You can add a serial
cable for debug messages if you enable them. You can talk to the 
kexecboot devs in #kexecboot on
freenote. I'm sure we can work sth. out.

Some screenshots are at [1] and the source is at [2].



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