FSO Milestone 5.1

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 18:30:27 CET 2009

Thomas B <tommy.b at gmx.net> writes:
> On Sun, Mar 01, 2009 at 12:23:56AM +0100, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
>> Am Samstag, den 28.02.2009, 12:28 +0100 schrieb Christof Musik:
>> > Hi
>> > 
>> > I have the same problem like Scott. I installed the following packages
>> > on my moko:
>> > 
>> > - uImage-2.6.28-oe1+gitr34240a1c06ae36180dee695aa25bbae869b2aa26-r3-om-gta02.bin
>> > - openmoko-fso-image-glibc-ipk--20090223-om-gta02.rootfs.tar.bz2
>> > - qi-s3c2442-master-hist_5c8f74ac149a4812.udfu
>> > 
>> > With u-boot, both gsm and the powerbutton work fine. With qi none of
>> > them works.
>> This is very strange. Previously to releasing ms 5.1 I tested it on both
>> U-Boot and Qi, and it works. Meanwhile I had flashed both andy-tracking
>> and stable (which both kernel panic, as I've mentioned in a seperate
>> mail), and I can confirm your problem.
>> For some reason when booting with Qi, GSM does not respond to any
>> commands.
> What GSM firmware do you use? I had the same problem after I upgraded my
> GSM firmware to moko11 from the original moko8 that came with the phone.
> Looks like something changed in the power-up sequence of the modem
> between those firmware versions. Upgrading to the most recent stable
> kernel fixed it for me (had to compile it myself, because I haven't seen
> it in any repo yet).

Proved to be a kernel bug. Either upgrade your kernel to the latest
stable or add somewhere to your startup scripts "s3c24xx-gpio H2=F;
s3c24xx-gpio H1=F" (before running GSM clients).

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