Freerunner freely runs Gentoo

Sven Rebhan odinshorse at
Tue Mar 3 14:10:48 CET 2009

Hello everybody,

We the Gentoo at Openmoko team are pleased to announce that we reached
our first milestone for running Gentoo on the Freerunner. This mean you can
cross- and natively compile a basic system including X, enlightenment,
the FSO framework, WLAN tools and many more packages. Also some
phone GUIs went already into the overlay located at

To get started, please take a look at

or visit us on the Freenode IRC channel #gentoo-openmoko. The goal of
our project is to provide a way to cross- and natively compile all
packages of the protage tree and feed back our fixes to the official
tree. Furthermore, we are going to provide Freerunner specific ebuilds
like for the FSO framework and different phone GUIs. What you can expect:

  - the Gentoo feeling ;-)
  - forget about version conflicts
  - frequent enlightenment updates
  - easy integration of new packages
    (start writing ebuilds yourself, it's trivial!)
  - multiple phone stacks

So to all Gentoo lovers: Stop-by and get the experience the Gentoo
feeling on your phone!

Disclaimer: Even though we did a great step in the right direction,
there are still enough pitfalls, packages that don't compile and
difficulties in setting up the cross-compile environement. So at this
point in time Gentoo is _NOT_ ready for the average user. If you try
nevertheless, be prepared for a bumpy journey! You have been warned!

Best regards and happy compiling! ;-)

    Sven, in the name of the Gentoo at Openmoko team

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