[paroli] weekly update week 10 of 2009

Mirko Lindner mirko at openmoko.org
Tue Mar 3 18:13:34 CET 2009

Hej all,

here an overview if the highlights of the things the paroli team has 
been working on in week 9 and the first part of week 10:

-the msgs application is in and being shipped in every build
you can view, send, receive, answer to and forward messages
also it will offer you to save any unknown number to your phonebook

-the people application is in and also being shipped every day
you can view, edit and directly call a contact

- the call logs i.e. the i/o application is also being shipped
you can view your call logs and directly return the call
also it will offer you to save any unknown number to your phonebook

- dtmf in tele

- ussd in tele
you can receive and send simple ussd messages. NOTE: a very ugly window 
will open with the message written in very small letters, but it works. 
We will have a look into this a bit later.

- small reworks on the lists we use

- gsm and battery icons

- muting ringtone when incoming call

- muting call  (mutes microphone)

- Charlie did a complete rework of the service class so that there 
should not be any errors due to services not waiting for one another anymore

and lots of other small things that would make this an endless list :)

what will we do next:
we will focus on some details that had been neglected so far such as
- finally getting some scrolling or paging to work in our lists
- getting some secondary actions associated with our list items
- look at how we can go about a settings application as discussed on 
this list earlier
- make certain internal adjustments to classes and applications to allow 
more flexibility
- getting an image that works out of the box again

As usual, if you have any questions, ideas, critique or think you can 
contribute to paroli in any way get in touch with me :)


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