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grslmpf nabble_openmoko at
Fri Mar 6 23:38:29 CET 2009

I'm searching for some way to preload apps & libs to speed up my freerunner.
I found this one:
so i decidet to download compile and install.
After some little tweaks its finaly run it and I want to provide you with my
modified version.
I dont know anything about making ipks, maybe it is a good point to start
looking into this. preload.tar 

untar it into root
add it to defaults
update-rc.d preloadd defaults

& restart

Important files:

made some little changes caused by the less memory & directory structure


as the original preload init script does not work for me I wrote this little
script (my first script ever!) and it seems to work...

/usr/sbin/preload the program itself

& finaly the state file 


where preload saves informations about progs & libs 

Its runs fine and do meanwhile some prefetch for me - but it takes some time
to "train" this software.
In the next days I will try some timing-test, maybe it's really speed up
some things ;)
If you enabled debugging in /etc/init.d/preloadd then you can show some
messages with
tail -f /var/log/preload.log

I hope it will work :)
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