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Tue Mar 10 19:43:28 CET 2009

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Hello all,
    I know that the Paroli team took a bit of flack on the email lists
about the "full screen" version of the application, but since I
installed that image I've been making and receiving calls without any
issue. I've had FSO installed for months as I like the underlying
architecture and now feel that Paroli is finally making progress. I've
install it a few times in the past and it would never even run.

After all that I've got a fairly basic question about Paroli and FSO. I
thought that the beauty of the FSO Arch was that it allowed different
apps to co-operate and make use of the hardware resources. I had
imagined that, given DBUS, I could pick and choose applications and fit
them together as and how I liked. Maybe that's just the way I took it
and I have it all wrong in my head. I thought that I could get an app
that just dealt with SMS messages, one that I liked. I thought I could
install a "Dialer" I liked and a PIM App I liked. I'd hoped that I could
store a load of Personal data which is in no way related to phone calls.
Say Birthdays as an example. This Personal data would be totally
independent of my SMS or Dialler App but if I clicked on a person's
phone number I could either call them or text them and pop the correct
application to do that functionality.

Maybe I imagined it wrong but Paroli certainly doesn't fit into what I
had thought of in FSO. Paroli is one big "do it all" app. There are even
hello world tutorials about how you can add your own apps to Paroli.
This all seems like frameworks within frameworks.

I know people will want to answer with the fact that I am free to write
the apps the way I imagine them to be. Would that I had the time and the
talent ;-) I am amazed that nobody in the community has had both the
time and the talent to write a good app for even SMS messages. OK so I
should get the hang of DBUS and Python soon and spend my time more

In the mean time Thanks to the Paroli team I have a working phone on FSO
and will soon be taking my main sim out of the Nokia. You're getting there.

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