Need help for port qtextended applications to Neo Freerunner

Freelancer Kiran freelancer.kiran at
Wed Mar 11 10:59:56 CET 2009


 I have got Neo Freerunner (GTA02). I was able to flash qt-extended image on to the hardware  successfully.
 But, I am totally puzzled while porting some qt-extended applications onto this hardware. To brief the procedure I followed,

I downloaded "arm920t-eabi" toolchain and built qt-extended with "device neo" option. After this, binary of application is prepared using "make packages FORMAT=ipk".

After transferring this image to hardware, I executed the below command for installation.
            opkg install packagename.ipk
With this I can see that the particular package is installing and configuring from command line, but, I can't find my application in Applications list.

Any suggestions or any new procedures for porting qt-extended applications to FR.


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