NAND partitioning

Mike Montour mail at
Sat Mar 14 04:00:07 CET 2009

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> My NAND partition is fairly tight on space, and while I can (and do) move
> some stuff on the uSD, it's sometimes inconvenient.
> So I was thinking: wouldn't it be great if I could just extend the
> rootfs partition by getting rid of the kernel (and splash) partitions?

You don't need to use NAND at all - you can put everything onto the uSD 

It would be possible to change the NAND partitioning as you described 
but I don't think it would be worth the effort. If you really want to do 
it, start by looking at the "dynpart" u-boot command and the "mtdparts" 
environment variable that it generates. Remember that you can't change 
the configuration of the NOR u-boot, and also remember that there is a 
"factory" partition between the splash and the rootfs.

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