Minimal g_file_storage rootfs

Mike Montour mail at
Sat Mar 14 08:36:19 CET 2009

I have put together a small rootfs that loads the g_file_storage module 
to export a Freerunner's microSD card as a USB Storage device. This is 
intended to make life easier for people who have their main OS on uSD.

This rootfs and its corresponding kernel are flashed to NAND. You can 
boot it from u-boot or from Qi, and then re-partition or re-install the 
uSD card from your desktop PC. The script loads the kernel module, 
prints a message to the screen, waits for you to press the power button, 
and then powers off the Freerunner.

Anyone who wants to try it (at your own risk - don't blame me if it eats 
your data) can download the images from the following links. Sorry, I 
don't have a bitbake recipe to rebuild the rootfs - I did it by hand. 
All of the source packages are in OE. The kernel was built with the 
"linux-openmoko-devel" recipe from andy-tracking commit 

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