GSM buzz-fix party in Braunschweig, Germany

Daniel Willmann daniel at
Sun Mar 15 18:42:06 CET 2009

Dear Freerunner owners,

(X-Posted to devel since there are probably some people not reading
community due to low SNR)

I have now performed a couple buzz fixes and feel pretty confident
that I'll fix more phones than I'll break in the process. :-)
(I haven't broken any phones until now)

In order to gauge interest and plan ahead wrt ordering
Resistors/Capacitors I'd like to know how many phones would come. The
party will probably take place in mid April.
If you are interested and would show up please mail me privately and
also tell me how many phones you would bring.

If all goes well I'll be doing this with support from Openmoko and will
be able to replace any Freerunners I break in the process.

Daniel Willmann
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