Question about MokoMakeFile

Rod Whitby rod at
Wed Mar 18 13:17:06 CET 2009

Al Johnson wrote:
> On Saturday 14 March 2009, Andreas Willich wrote:
>> Hi List
>> Some time ago it was possible to build a single package and it's
>> dependencies with the MokoMakeFile with make
>> build-package-"packagename".
>> With the current Makefile this command is not valid anymore. Is this
>> feature dropped from the Makefile or has the command changed? I did not
>> find a proper replacement in the Makefile. Have I missed something?
> That was a vary skinny wrapper around bitbake. You should be able to do the 
> same thing using something like:
> cd [distro-subdir]
> . setup-env
> bitbake [packagename]

Thanks Al.

Yes, this was removed because the OpenEmbedded powers-that-be kept
berating me that hiding such details from people using OpenEmbedded was
not allowed - everyone must type the raw bitbake commands.

So MokoMakefile is now purely a setup and complete-image build
assistant.  Anyone who wants to do anything more complex is forced by
the OpenEmbedded powers-that-be to read the documentation and learn how
to do things the manual way.

(Note that I agree with them that anyone using OpenEmbedded must read
the documentation from cover to cover - I think any developer using a
tool should read the instruction manual - but I don't agree that you
can't add convenience wrappers around common situations)

-- Rod

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