Setting Environment variables in GTA02

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Wed Mar 18 13:32:06 CET 2009

You seem to be getting confused by the different environments. Uboot is a 
bootloader a bit like grub, and like grub it has a shell mode where you can 
type commands. This is _not_ bash. Within the uboot shell we can change its 
configuration using the 'setenv' command, and save the changes using 
'saveenv'. It is this configuration that you need to change for booting from 
SD, and the instructions on the wiki are correct.

If you try putting the settings in .bashrc instead of doing as the wiki page 
suggests then uboot will not see them. This is why the kernel can't find init.

On Wednesday 18 March 2009, Freelancer Kiran wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Mike....
> Even I was trying to set environment variables on GTA02, not on Linux. I
> trust this is required for invoking shell, as I am getting unable to find
> path for init. correct me if I am wrong.
> -
> Kiran.
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> Freelancer Kiran wrote:
> >      As GTA02 comes with bash, I modified it as "export
> > boot_menu_timeout=99999" instead of given "setenv boot_menu_timeout
> > 99999". But I am not sure, what is the equivalent for "saveenv" in bash?
> That page is referring to u-boot environment variables, not Linux
> environment variables. You set them through the u-boot console, accessed
> over USB from a terminal program on your desktop PC. See
> and some of the
> pages linked from there.
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