Is there a direct way to build a rootfs of openmoko fso?

郑伟 loveheaven_zhengwei at
Thu Mar 19 13:25:44 CET 2009

Hi All,

       I have built my own cross-compiler. Using that, I have also built the openmoko uboot,kernel. Now I want to build the root filesystem. I don't want to use OE. It is too complicated.

       Is there a direct way to build a root file system just like this: getting and compiling source codes of all the needed components and make them to rootfs?

       I don't know which & how many compontents are needed by openmoko fso and where the source codes are. Are Qtopia, openmoko-dialer needed by openmoko fso? If they are, Does it mean that I can compile the busybox, qtopia, openmoko-dialer and then make them into a fso rootfs image?

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