[PATCH] WLAN: --power maxperf shot into the dark

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Mar 19 16:15:09 CET 2009

John Sullivan wrote:
> Unfortunately now I can't really test this further -- I've moved out of
> that apartment and left that router behind.

That's one way of solving such problems :-)

> In my new place, with a
> Linksys router running DD-WRT, I have had no problems so far with the
> Neo wireless.

Excellent !

> So I guess it was something about either the environment
> (things are a little less saturated in the new place), or the default
> settings on Verizon's Actiontec router...

I googled a bit for it, and while I didn't find much, it seems that
this kind of router does have issues from time to time. So maybe it
was just a bad router in the end.

Thanks for your reports !

- Werner

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