building kernel 2.6.24xxx, submitting patches...

Opel Fahrer opelfahrer79 at
Fri Mar 20 08:33:13 CET 2009


I've got two questions which I could not find an answer to in the Wiki and cross-reading the forums, so here we go:

I'm trying to build a angstrom 2008.1 distribution for our OMAP Zoom 1 platform, which is based on an older stable kernel release from TI, 2.6.24-0.23.12. As I found out the kernel images are not bootable if compiled with the standard 4.3.1 toolchain, so there is an option to be set in the distr config file

KERNEL_CCSUFFIX_armv7a= "-4.2.1+csl-arm-2007q3-53"

to take the codesourcery toolchain 2007q3 for compiling the kernel. Unfortunately it seems that the toolchain downloaded and used then is a EABI toolchain and not a GNU/Linux toolchain, which in my case again breaks the build. Note that compiling a kernel with the GNU/Linux toolchain outside of the openembedded environment works great. Is there any way to tell the build environment to take the other type of toolchain for compiling? 

Compiling the images I stumbled across some build errors (e.g. in libspiff). How do I correctly submit a patch to the OpenMoko community? Is it enough to fix the sources and to create a directory-diff against a virginal downloaded source package?



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