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Rod Whitby wrote:
> Al Johnson wrote:
>> On Saturday 14 March 2009, Andreas Willich wrote:
>>> Hi List
>>> Some time ago it was possible to build a single package and it's
>>> dependencies with the MokoMakeFile with make
>>> build-package-"packagename".
>>> With the current Makefile this command is not valid anymore. Is this
>>> feature dropped from the Makefile or has the command changed? I did not
>>> find a proper replacement in the Makefile. Have I missed something?
>> That was a vary skinny wrapper around bitbake. You should be able to do the 
>> same thing using something like:
>> cd [distro-subdir]
>> . setup-env
>> bitbake [packagename]
> Thanks Al.
> Yes, this was removed because the OpenEmbedded powers-that-be kept
> berating me that hiding such details from people using OpenEmbedded was
> not allowed - everyone must type the raw bitbake commands.
> So MokoMakefile is now purely a setup and complete-image build
> assistant.  Anyone who wants to do anything more complex is forced by
> the OpenEmbedded powers-that-be to read the documentation and learn how
> to do things the manual way.
> (Note that I agree with them that anyone using OpenEmbedded must read
> the documentation from cover to cover - I think any developer using a
> tool should read the instruction manual - but I don't agree that you
> can't add convenience wrappers around common situations)
> -- Rod

personally I'd much prefer the clean OE commands, which are not that
complicated and I find are easy to remember once you set up a script to
set up your environment. I'm not an expert but I'm using OE for a few
different platforms, my favourite of which is the Gumstix where there
are three folders which over-ride each other. User recipes override
Gumstix official recipes which over-ride openembedded recipe's.

I tried at the end of last week to build FSO with the instructions:

make fso-gta02-testing-image

Those instructions don't work as the fso-image recipe has been removed,
whether on purpose or by mistake I don't know. I've never been able to
build FSO so only try every now and again, fail and just use prebuilt
images. That's a pity as with an OE environment I could create my own
image by inheriting the fso-image and simply adding the apps that I want
in my image that I like to use. That's the beauty of OE, Well as I see
it. Then if the fso-image recipe is changed by the powers that be I can
simply rebuild my image which will have a new version of FSO with all
the apps I know and love.

I keep thinking that it would be great if OM or FSO had repositories of
up-to-date recipes that I could syncronise with just for their packages
like paroli and the FSO image etc. I could use OE's repository for all
the other stuff like emacs that OM & FSO have no interest in ;-)

Like I said at the start I am not an expert at all and I'm sure that
there is a very good reason for the Directory structure build by the
makefile where directories are links to directories at the level above.
I'll get my head around that sometime.

I should probably just move to SHR which I imagine has the kitchen sink
in it. Not sure yet I want all that stuff but about time I had a look.
I've been using FSO for few months now and I like the direction it's
going. I do think that a better use of the OE build environment would be
better for both OM, FSO and me. If I could do an "svn update" or "git
pull" every Monday of the official recipes and kick of a build of
"bitbake my-fso-testing-image" (basically fso-testing plus tangogps or
whatever) I'd be more likely to report problems which I encountered. At
present if I hit a problem I don't know when I last flashed the phone so
don't know if the problem I think I have is still current or was
resolved weeks ago.

Yes I could reflash every Monday with a daily build but for some reason
I'd like to be able to build my own images and flash them. I think it's
an area which could use some slight improvement, but that's just my
opinion ;-)

Just a thought

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