FatFingerShell vt with fullscreen keyboard

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rizurita at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 27 08:03:29 CET 2009

Hello people,

  it is a new virtual terminal for Openmoko, with a complete fullscreen keyboard
and sound.

You can set the colors and the transparency, set new keyboard layouts (hard yet)
and replace the sounds.

This terminal should be useful for bash/vi and other common console tools. The
fullscreen keyboard should be comfortable for fat fingers.

Check the videos to know the idea :


How to test:

- download the package: 
- install libsdl, libsdl_mixer, libsdl_ttf packages
- add "export TERM=vt100" into ~/.bashrc
- you need installed bash

tar xvzf fatfingershell_0.1.tar.gz
cd fatfingershell/

If you have problems check fatfingershell.sh script to realize out how to run
this version manually.

The package is an alpha version to check how well the ideas work.
There are bugs, and lot of problems surely. The package and the source code
have a README file with known problems, TODO list and other instructions.

Other files:
README: http://fz.hobby-site.org/om/fatfingershell/README.txt
source code: http://fz.hobby-site.org/om/fatfingershell/fatfingershell-src_0.1.tar.gz

Feedback, suggestions and ideas are welcome.


Rafael Ignacio Zurita
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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