Put Python Site-Packages in ipk

Michael Pilgermann KichKasch at gmx.de
Fri Mar 27 12:37:29 CET 2009

Dear list-members,

for our project pisi (PIM syncronization; for now mainly contacts) we plan to make our first (0.1) release quite soon. 

In order to allow people to easily install the program, I want to provide ipks for required software - unfortunately, they are not yet available in the distributions.

My question is: Is there any simple, straight-forward way to put a Python site-package in an IPK? For the program PISI itself we use this approach (http://cc.oulu.fi/~rantalai/freerunner/packaging/); however, we do not need to install PISI as a site-package as it comes as an application itself.

For me it looks like the toolchain thing is a bit of an overkill for my "small" problem and I was running into some troubles with path and so on as well. 

Is anybody aware of a simple solution or is there any guide to use the toolchain for Python site-packages in particular?

thx in advance; greetings

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