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Pietro Abate Pietro.Abate at
Fri Mar 27 22:40:31 CET 2009

Hi all,

This evening I started playing with zhone to familiarize a bit with
edje, evas and friends. I've a couple of questions. First is about the
sim initialization. It seems that the sim is almost the last component
to became ready when zhone is started. If understand correctly, the sim
is accessed via frameworkd. Is it possible to instruct frameworkd to
access the sim when it is started, so that by the time zhone is started,
it should be ready to be work. It seems crazy to wait such a long time
to access my phonebook.

The second question is actually related to the phonebook. I'm trying to
generalize the pyphone_contacts class to access all the phone books in
the sim card as incoming, received, etc. I've some problem to design a
nice interface for it. I hope somebody can jump help (maybe with an edje
interface file ?). My idea would be to redesign the interface as follow:

contacts | incoming | received 
list of contacts ...
list of contacts ...
list of contacts ...
list of contacts ...
list of contacts ...

and the three buttons at the top should act like tabs to switch from
phonebook to phonebook. The generalization of the class is very simple
(/me think), but I've got no clue how to change the interface
accordingly. Ideally I would like to have a variable self.category to
the class pyphone_contacts that would always reflect the current active
tab... Any ideas how to accomplish this ?

another question is about double click ... For the sms list I'd like to
have two actions. The first, a single click, to select one item that
then I can decide to remove with the contextual menu. The second, a
double click with which, I'd like to open the message.

at the moment I've
@edje.decorators.signal_callback( "mouse,clicked,1", "target_list_*" )

how do I add a second one with a double click to the same function ?

Last question about storing everything in a sqlite3 db . Ideally I would
be writing a small interface to store and retrive phonebooks either from
the sim or from other backends (I would love to have a nice encrypted db
with all the relevant information) . Do you know of any project that is
working in this direction ? In particular if there is somebody that has
already designed the sql schema (easy) and a small class to access it.

I'm using the git repo  git://
I hope this is the correct one ...

ok, this is all the moment. and I really hope this is the correct
mailing list :)


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