Jan Luebbe jluebbe at
Mon Mar 30 18:51:25 CEST 2009

On Tue, 2009-03-24 at 17:59 +-0100, Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
+AD4 Am Do  19. M+AOQ-rz 2009 schrieb Michael 'Mickey' Lauer:
+AD4 +AD4 On Thursday 19 March 2009 14:39:19 Sven Klomp wrote:
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 On Thursday 19 March 2009 14:05:05 Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 I wonder why it takes a string as opposed to a double.
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 If you think double is more appropriate, feel free to open a bug report
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 +AD4 (trac.fso)
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 Done.
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 Maybe it is the wrong mailinglist.
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 would fit most.
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 However, I wonder if an API for the RTC
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 is planed that takes care of multiple wake up times? Until now, I have to
+AD4 +AD4 +AD4 take care if another application set the time already...
+AD4 +AD4 
+AD4 +AD4 RTC is probably going to stay like that, since it's a low level interface. 
+AD4 The 
+AD4 +AD4 big picture is that the (higher level) PIM service would handle this, e.g. 
+AD4 +AD4 once it knows about all your appointments, it can always compute the next 
+AD4 +AD4 alarm that is due and program the RTC accordingly.
+AD4 Nope, has to be done by some middleware. There might be RTC-alarms from other 
+AD4 sources than just PIM. (e.g. GPS, bat management etc pp)
+AD4 I suggest patching cron +ACY at, as it seems the most natural interface for 
+AD4 RTC-alarm.

The handling of multiple alarms is already implemented as:


I don't know of anything using that interface, though :/


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