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Mark Night <marknight11 at> wrote:

> hello all,
> I am doing a project on openmoko. I need some help regarding the usb
> interface of openmoko.
> Is USB port available on openmoko a master, slave or OTG port?
> I need to send the data from openmoko to an embedded device through a usb to
> serial converter IC. The small embedded device only has facility for serial
> data transfer (USART). So, how can I send some data from openmoko through C
> code or any other utility by which the data can be converted to serial
> format by that IC and then can be received by the  embedded device.
> Any help will be highly appreciated as the project is related to my course
> at university.
> Thanks...

You might also consider using the internal serial port of the NEO/Freerunner.
I believe it is 3.3V (see the wiki for more info), so you will need a level shifter if your embedded device uses propper RS232 signal levels.

Visti Andresen

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