clutter on openmoko

Amit Pundir pundiramit at
Fri May 8 11:50:28 CEST 2009

I checked out the Vincent code from here..;a=tree

and created the following .bb file for compilation.

DESCRIPTION = "Vincent OpenGL-ES library "

PV = "1.0"
PR = "r0"

SRC_URI = "file://vincent-1.0"

S = "${WORKDIR}/vincent-1.0/projects/linux-x11"

TOP = "${WORKDIR}/vincent-1.0/"

inherit autotools pkgconfig

do_stage() {
        install -d ${STAGING_INCDIR}/GLES

        install -m 0644 ${TOP}/include/ug.h ${STAGING_INCDIR}
        install -m 0644 ${TOP}/include/GLES/* ${STAGING_INCDIR}/GLES/
        oe_libinstall -so libGLES_CM ${STAGING_LIBDIR}

At the moment I'm able to run clutter tests but it has some serious
performance issues which I'm trying to resolve.

Thanks and Regards
Amit Pundir

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 8:23 PM, Aapo Rantalainen
<aapo.rantalainen at> wrote:
> Hi, this sounds great, can you give more info how do you got
> vincent-ogles compiled (and what distro/kernel/* you are using) so I
> can test it?
> -Aapo Rantalainen
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