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Tue May 12 12:56:29 CEST 2009

Hi Aapo,

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 3:50 PM, Aapo Rantalainen
<aapo.rantalainen at> wrote:
> Hi, is your actual question 'why all things are upside down'?
Yes, it is my main problem.

> Maybe this isn't fixed yet?
According to the maintainer, he has fixed this behavior.;a=commit;h=08e80caf4e21b186d14a13e1668e7998093395b6

But it didn't work in my case and I still get the things upside down.

I did try to change the origin of Viewport once and get the things
render properly but then performance was badly hit i.e image
flickering, images get appear/disappear while you try to move them and
screwed up the event-handling too.

Aapo, please find the clutter recipe inline since I can't upload files
from my work place.
Download and extract the clutter stable release 0.8.8 in the same
folder which contains the and files. -->

PV = "0.8.8"
SRC_URI = "file://clutter-0.8.8"

S = "${WORKDIR}/clutter-0.8.8"
---------------------- -->
DESCRIPTION = "Clutter graphics library"


STDDEPENDS = "virtual/libx11 gtk-doc-native pango glib-2.0 libxfixes gtk+"
BASE_CONF = "--disable-gtk-doc ${@get_clutter_fpu_setting(bb, d)}"

EXTRA_OECONF = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglx --with-gles=1.1"

DEPENDS_zylonite = "${STDDEPENDS} libgles-zylonite tslib"
EXTRA_OECONF_zylonite = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglnative"
LDFLAGS_append_zylonite = " -lnws -lstdc++ "

DEPENDS_mx31litekit = "${STDDEPENDS} libgles-mx31 tslib"
EXTRA_OECONF_mx31litekit = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglnative"
PACKAGE_ARCH_mx31litekit = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"
LDFLAGS_append_mx31litekit = " -lpvrNULLWSEGL -lstdc++ "

DEPENDS_omap-3430ldp = "${STDDEPENDS} libgles-omap3 tslib"
EXTRA_OECONF_omap-3430ldp = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglx"
PACKAGE_ARCH_omap-3430ldp = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"

DEPENDS_omap-3430sdp = "${STDDEPENDS} libgles-omap3 tslib"
EXTRA_OECONF_omap-3430sdp = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglx"
PACKAGE_ARCH_omap-3430sdp = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"

DEPENDS_beagleboard = "${STDDEPENDS} libgles-omap3 tslib"
EXTRA_OECONF_beagleboard = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglx --with-gles=2.0"
PACKAGE_ARCH_beagleboard = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"

DEPENDS_omap3evm = "${STDDEPENDS} libgles-omap3 tslib"
EXTRA_OECONF_omap3evm = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglx --with-gles=2.0"

DEPENDS_mx31ads = "${STDDEPENDS} libgles-mx31 tslib"
EXTRA_OECONF_mx31ads = "${BASE_CONF} --with-flavour=eglnative"
LDFLAGS_append_mx31ads = " -lpvrNULLWSEGL -lstdc++ "

inherit autotools pkgconfig gtk-doc

PACKAGES =+ "clutter-examples"
FILES_clutter-examples = "${bindir}/test-* ${pkgdatadir}/redhand.png"

#check for TARGET_FPU=soft and inform configure of the result so it
can disable some floating points

#Fix up some weirdness in the docs
do_configure_prepend() {
        sed -i s:doc/reference/Makefile::g ${S}/
        sed -i s:doc::g ${S}/

do_stage () {

Thanks and Regards
Amit Pundir

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