[Om2009] [GTA01] testing Release 3

Jose Luis Perez Diez perezdiez at gmail.com
Tue May 12 14:54:00 CEST 2009

El Saturday, 9 de May de 2009 15:36:55 Angus Ainslie va escriure:
> The gta01 image boots but calling it working is a bit of a stretch.

* 'sed -i s/empty/Empty/ /etc/freesmartphone/oevents/*' on the filesystem to 
preevent poweroff (apm reports batery empty -1%)

> 	- Call volume is so low as to be nearly non-existent

* The root filesystem (jffs2 & tgz) only has snd_soc_neo1973_wm8753 module 
(but it needs: snd, snd_pcm, snd_timer, snd_page_alloc, snd_soc_core, 
snd_soc_wm8753, snd_soc_s3c24xx, snd_soc_s3c24xx_i2s) I had to use the 
modules tgz to get it working and yes is so low that yo have to dig to hear 
> 	- usb networking is broken ( probably a modules issue )

* works for me.
> 	- paroli tries to initialize the wifi on gta01
> 	- some menus missing from settings ( illume profile switch for one )

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