C# Bindings/Wrapper for Elementary and FSO

Peter Strapp peter at strapp.co.uk
Sat May 16 14:20:03 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I've just spotted a message regarding the usage of C# on the Freerunner 
and thought it'd be a good idea to let everyone know what I've been 
working on. Duplication of effort is not a good thing for open source 
development (Something Intel/Nokia should realise ;-) ) so I thought I'd 
better get this out there.

C# Enlightenment Bindings (EFL-Sharp) including Elementary

I have been working for a while now on C# bindings for Elementary. All 
the basics are there and all but the most complex widgets are supported 
(list, hoversel, genlist etc. still need completing). I got in touch 
with Nigel Benns who is a maintainer on the currently dormant  EFL-Sharp 
and have been given access to the Sourceforge project. I'm hoping to 
migrate the source over to there soon (And later to the mono svn 
repository) but for now you can access the source from my svn repository.

C# FSO Wrapper

I have also been working on a wrapper for FSO. The wrapper uses ndesk 
dbus so the important bit is to define all the interfaces. I have 
stuffed them all inside a singleton for now. Later I'll come up with a 
more elegant solution. It still needs A LOT of work but is a starting 
point and many things 'work'.

** Warning **
The source is very unstable at the moment as I'm regularly making large 
changes. Compatibility will break daily! I originally hadn't intended to 
release this until the code was in a better shape and I had autoconf, 
etc. sorted. But I encourage any help/testing.


An example app that uses both libraries can be found here (It is a 
simple program to switch GPRS On and Off):

Peter Strapp

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